Waste water treatment plant

The desire to return to the nature and to increase the quality of living along the Drava river has come true. The Waste Water Treatment Plant located in Dogoše is contributing to the environment protection by waste water treatment process. 

Drop of water

The knowledge is very important  as is the way to get it. That’s the reason we have launched the competition in the form of educational-entertaining applications.  Enter the application and win the prizes.


Unique natural environment with a priceless source of life and a man who is connected to the  nature is indispensable. The Run will be organized again in 2017


Vse, ki jih zanima ogled Centralne čistilne naprave Maribor, vabimo, da nas v sredo 22. marca 2017 obiščete na naslovu Dupleška 330, Dogoše. Vodeni ogledi naprave bodo vsako polno uro med 13. in 16. uro. Vabljeni predstavniki vseh generacij, saj se osredotočamo tudi na medgeneracijsko druženje in sodelovanje.